Quilted Hair Straightener pouch.

Another holiday sew, and a stash buster too! I find it hard to keep things tidy, well at least electrical things with cables, and needing to pack my straighteners for holiday was a good incentive to make them a very fetching little pouch.

As I said, its a great little stash-buster too as you can use whatever you have laying around - I can see patchwork looking good, and if you don't have any binding you can easily use what you have to make some double-folded strips to use instead.

First things first. Measure the length of your straighteners. Double number and add at least 3 inches for your flap. I was using a bit from my stash so mine were a little longer than needed. Cut two strips of fabric that magic number long and 6 inches wide. Sandwich them with a piece of batting the same size like shown, and pin thoroughly. Quilt in whatever pattern you fancy, its entirely up to you - I went a little freestyle with the zig-zag stitch.

When you are happy, pin your bias binding all the way around, curving it around the corners. Sew it in the ditch, then fold over and sew it closed around the raw edges. You should be left something resembling a long thin quilt. 

Fold this to give yourself a pouch with a little flap. Pin and make sure your straighteners fit nicely in the pouch with nothing showing. Sew the binded edges together. 

To close, you could use velcro, but I have a popper machine so I put in a couple to hold the flap shut. You can really embellish as you wish. The little ribbon pull was put in to hide some dodgy bias stitching.

But there you have it, a quick solution to help you pack - and store - your straighteners with ease.

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