Vintage-look Photo Jar

You might have spotted this on my Pinterest boards. This week was its turn to come out of the make-me jar and grace my little corner of the world.

This is one of those makes that couldn't be simpler, just a few things and five minutes and you are done.  All you need is a photo, preferably black and white, a jar and oil. 

Foliage adds a nice touch, and my in-laws massive Rosemary bush was flowering. It looked too good to pass up the opportunity to do something with the flowering tips.

Trim your photo to fit nicely in the jar. I used my fancy scissors to make the edge a bit pretty, you could use pinking sheers or just straight. Really, as long as it fits it doesn't matter. 

Now, add your foliage. You don't want that snow globe effect, so be careful. You can always remove it later, so pack in however much you want - it'll be much messier to add than to take away. I filled up the back of the jar so you cant see any white to the photo.

Then, simply pour oil up to the top, check you haven't overdone the foliage and so forth, and seal the jar. If you like, you can cover the lid, or not if the jar is a nice mason jar or similar. A scrap of fabric and some string is all you need for that, or don't need depending on how you like it.

It makes a really nice bookend, as well as looking top notch under light. All this for only 5 minutes effort and a few bits you most likely have laying about.

Good work!

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