Converse Revamp Fails.

You might have noticed that in my painted converse post, there were two other pairs of tired looking shoes. Well, I thought with them I'd try something other than painting. I failed. Those things you've seen on Pinterest - not so easy on Converse it would seem. I tried dyeing a pair and bleach painting another pair that were black. Honestly, less than impressed with the results.

Dyeing with hand dye - well, first, the dye only took to the inside lining, as you can see. Not so good. My dreams of blue and mint striped shoes were doomed to failure.

And as for the bleach it did work but not as impressively as hoped. I used exactly the same bleach as I used to do my t-shirt  with very poor results. I initially tried to paint designs with the bleach. No such luck, didn't even seems to make a mark. so, on the off chance it might blossom after time (but because I'm impatient to see results) I popped them in the tub and splattered them.

Again, it might be I'm impatient as when I saw no result on the shoes after 10 minutes or so, yet the small splash on the shirt looked very good (grr) I gave up, and rinsed them out. The insipid greeny black colour that the bleach did burn was a far dry from the flame colours I'm used to getting, so I figured it wasn't worth an afternoon of breathing in bleach fumes. Not one for leaving to do its thing while you get on with other bits, not in a tiny flat at least. Mr O thinks it might be something to do with the finish, so I might give it a go on some cheap supermarket ones at some point.

So paint, yay! As for the rest, as I said I with some other canvas shoes, but I think i give up on trying with converse. With them, for me, its got to be painted.

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