love life small # 2 - don't buy what you don't need

It seems easy, but it really isn't if you are a creative - be it a seamstress, painter or even a cook.

Whatever your particular poison, stuff takes up space. Digitising collections are a good way to go for books, movies and music, but what to do with crafting materials. Most people can at least prioritise what to give physical space to over gigabytes, but what about if its stuff with a physical presence?

I fell into the horrible trap myself of "I'm sure I'll do something with it". Try to avoid it . By all means, pick up a pack of whatever, rather than one, if you think you will use the rest. But don't buy it in the first place if you don't have an idea in your head of what you're going to use it for. That way leads to chaos.

I've cleaned cupboards to find fabric I forgot I brought, paint colours I won't ever use and flavoured oils I used maybe once before they went rancid. Once I'd got rid, I suddenly found what amounted to a whole extra cupboard, and I'm sure we all have ideas on what we would do with a whole extra cupboard.

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