Record Store Day 2014

Record Store Day has come around again, something which I am acutely aware of as a BBC 6 Music listener. If your aren't aware of what this is, fundamentally its a day celebrating the small independent record store - the type with staff who know their stuff and always have everything , and not just whatever X-factor contestant is flavour of the month. The one that says "oh you like this, have you heard of..." 

Sadly they are a dying breed, and should they go the way of the Dodo it would be a terrible loss. Growing up without one, yet having eclectic tastes, it wasn't too easy to get things I liked. I relied for the most part on those wonderful people in the early days of the net who methodically listed music from TV shows, Napster, and occassionally raiding my brother's music when he came home from uni. So Record Store day is something I totally get behind, not least because having the job of the person who gives advice of what might speak to your tastes was my favourite job ever.

So, in the spirit, here are my top five tunes. I say top five, but what I really mean are 5 of my favourites - 4 oldies and something a bit newer - that speak to me. I don't skip when these pop up on random, they make me smile. They also might tell you a bit too much about my psyche, but that is what music is for right??

Bleed American/Salt Sweat Sugar - Jimmy Eat World 

This track had a name change after 9/11,  and got lost in the mix of other tracks in the album its on, so wasn't the first track of theirs I heard. Given the amount of movie soundtracks and the like they have contributed too, even if you don't realise it, it likely won't be your first either. It was the first that properly got into my head, emotionally being where I was living at the time. Still makes me tap my feet and remember when I was the only cool kid in the village. Also, my favourite group by a clear mile

Creep - Radiohead

This is actually the first time I heard this. I was literally just 9 years old, and I loved it. Yet more evidence of the only cool kid in the village! Unfortunately neither my folks or my brother were Radiohead people, and my 50p pocket money didn't go far so it took me a few years to get my hands on a copy. Its one of the first songs I remember talking to me on a deeper level (see also
Cornflake Girl

The Recluse - Cursive 

Someone, a friend or friend of a friend, put this on a mixtape for me about 10 years ago. Remember mix tapes? Lost art I'm telling you. Its one of those songs with lyrics full of self deprecation and self pity. Only it is (for me at least) telling you to get over yourself, in the nicest way possible. We've all been there at one point or another. Should be prescribed when a gentle kick up the bum is needed.

The Origin of Love - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I love me an off the wall musical, and this is just such a sweet sweet song. It was an ex first introduced me to this, to odd musicals entirely to be honest, and even now I still love it. Reminds me of youthful folly and that time when you think it really is as simple as all that. Also, loving that we were three sexes then. Incidently.. tickets to see Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig on Broadway would be a more than acceptable present for my 30th.

Of the Night - Bastille
 An oldie, but a newbie too. A recent favourite artist, this track mashing up two tracks from my yoof,  but taking them darker, is very much my speed. Film Noir is my favourite genre and this is right up in there. I also actually had the originals on a couple of "Now" compilations back in the day.

Share your favourites in the comments, and if you are near one, support your local record store. In fact, support all local purveyors of art, be it music, books, film or whatever. Without them, its harder to find the art that speaks to us

ttfn xx 

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