Revamping Converse Allstars

I wear ALOT of Converse, or rather I wear Converse alot, for work, and thus wear them out. The toes are a weakpoint, as is my perchant for bright colours that end up with with stains from wet denim on them. Added together, we're talking a fair few pairs of very sad looking pairs of Converse in my life.

Making them happy again is something I've never tried to do to be honest. bad me. Then my friend painted hers glitter black. GENIUS! Why had I not thought of it I wondered, especially when she showed me the paint she used - the exact fabric paint I had in my cupboard!

That paint, Pepeo Setacolor, is actually really easy to use. no different to normal paint in texture or application. Once dry you just heat them up with a hot hairdryer for about 5 minutes and ta da! Totally set and ready to paint.

The pair I decided to paint were originally a lovely deep pink they called Raspberry, and my paint was the shimmery purple I used on my screen printing at Christmas. They were such nice complimentary colours I decided to leave the tongue pink and get a two-tone effect. Don't worry about getting paint on the edge of the sole or the eyelets, once its dried on the fabric a damp cloth and maybe a bit of Cif on the sole and it'll come up lovely.

Actually, top tip! A bit of Cif/Jif/Bathroom cleaner on the white sole of canvas shoes will clean them up lovely anytime!

So, with minimal effort, in the time it takes to watch one episode of whatever tickles your fancy, a shiny new old pair of shoes. This works really well, other things though, not so much. More on that here,

Have you ever painted your shoes?

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