Review - Love Sewing Magazine

When the offer to get my first three issues of this brand new magazine for only £6  popped up on my screen I figured that I'd give it a go. I like the range of ideas and the style of the makes in the sadly now defunct Crafty, and this was promoted to me as the same creative team.

Being a subscriber I got my hands on it early, so I've had a few days with the first issue. Colour me happy. Its by no means the perfect magazine but I'm impressed by the range and style of the projects.

It came with a two free gifts, a booklet of project ideas using liberty fabrics, and a quarter meter of (a distinctly liberty-seque) Kirstie Allsopp fabric. All the ideas presented for both are simple, but not so simple as to come across as either too easy or too difficult a sew for an amateur like myself.

The magazine itself was a nice mix of all things. There are pages showcasing really nice fabrics, shop reviews and reviews of sewing books. As well as tempting ways to spend all your cash, there is sewing advice - from readers questions to a zips masterclass and explaining technical terms you might not understand.

And of course, there are the tutorials. Again, a nice mix of things and clothes. I love the no-pattern needed skirt - although its for kids I might have to upscale it for me. It would have been nice if there had been some idea on how to scale up, or even down, the skirt for all sizes, but you can't have everything. Same goes for the downloadable pattern only going up to a size 16, but that is a gripe I have with everyone, so I live with it.

Lastly, I'm loving the mega list of sewing classes and workshops listed in the back. All the classes I seem to find locally have been bags or cushion covers and there were at least three different ones local to me that sounded interesting.

All in all, not too shabby for a first effort Love Sewing, keep it up! The issue is on general sale TODAY! If you give it a go, let me know what you think in the comments.

I've not been paid or given a free copy in return for this review. As stated, I subscribe.
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