Vintage Scarf Camera Strap

Camera straps can be so boring looking right? Why not make yourself one that's a bit more fun? As well as an obviously fabulous scarf (or two) you'll need 2 lobster clasps, some scraps of leather and a leather needle for your machine, if machine sewing.

Firstly, mark out the shape on the leather, making sure that the ring of your lobster clasp will fit. cut out two of these. Put these aside.

Stitch two lines of long stitches along the ends of the scarf you are going to encase in the leather like below and use to to gather up the ends as small as you need them. I used a long thin scarves so the ends to use were fairly obvious, but otherwise this is the time to experiment with how its going to look.

When you are ready encase your ends in the leather tabs you have cut. As you can see, I've held the whole thing together with mini pegs, if you use pins on the leather the holes will show.

Stitch a line all the way around the edges of the leather. Trim any excess bits. Luckily no need to hem leather, so if its slipped at all you can restore symmetry with a few snips. Repeat for the other end. 

And thats it you are done. Attach to your camera and get snapping!! 

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