365 = 100 - 115

Holiday was AMAZING! I might have had to be forcibly put on the plane home. Alas, we are home now and jetlag is beaten, so it's time to get back to ordinary life. That said, I have to share my holiday snaps.

Harbour Seal in Victoria. These guys were so friendly we could feed them

Whale watching tour day. No luck (we did go out again and see some) but loved this lighthouse.

The inside of a hollowed out tree

Tulips at Buchart Gardens

We stumbled across the set of Gracepoint (the US Broadchurch remake) 
but no David Tennant unfortunately

Touring Granville Island Brewery in Vancouver

Old School cookout with cousins.

Mr O and one of his many cousins.
They ALL live in Canada so there was much "bonding" going on

So much sky

Amazing luminous jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium

Not all Mr. O's bonding went peacefully! ha!! 

Settling in for the long flight home

Sunrise over the clouds

Jet lag bites. Mr O brought me the seal to stop me smuggling one home.
His name is Goober (family joke)

Bank Holiday low-key fun. 

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