Dye your Wardrobe - Knotting my Unmentionables

I do love a good Kirstie Allsopp show, the crafty ones that is, with a cuppa and cake. Such was the scene at Christmas when she convinced me tie-dye was a good idea for my smalls. Its a really fun technique and something thats really easy to do while dyeing something else. After all you have the dye, why not!

It really was as easy as you think. Get your smalls damp, tie up with rubber bands however you like - just make it tight, and pop into your bucket of dye. In all seriousness that is all I did, dropped it in and left it there while I got on with the serious business of dyeing my tops and whatnot. It really is that easy to tie dye small bits and bobs.

I love my socks. I like having fun socks. Being the same size as Mr O, if I have plain socks he thinks they are his, but you know, £3 each for fun socks or the same for 5 pairs of white and just add dye.

As for the pants - well they just look pretty.

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