Dye your wardrobe - Ombre Dye Top

Dyeing doesn't just have to be changing the colour of the entire garment.

Another technique is ombre dyeing. And it really is incredibly simple and easy to do but looks stunning.

You'll want to think about some kind of rig to hang your item (I did a top) to keep what you want out of the dye out of the dye. I did mine using my drying rack laid over the bath.

Prepare your bucket of dye, as per the packet instructions. If you want to be precise, try on the item you wish to dye and decide where you want the fade to start. Mark with a pin on either side of the garment. Otherwise just freestyle!

Wash your top and leave damp. Dip into the dye to the level you want, and swish about in the dye a little. Suspend it, to this level in the dye and leave for 20/30 minutes. After that time, raise out of the dye a little, swish, and leave for the same time again.

The dye wicks up somewhat into the "white parts" that have been kept out of the dye. If you do get a few drops of dye into this bit, or want a more all over fade, quickly dip in the dye for 30 seconds or so just before you rinse. This is enough to "tint" the rest of the garment and blend in any splashes.

Rinse and then pop in the washing machine on a rinse cycle, then hang to dry. Wash separately the first few times (just in case) but that really is all there is to it.

Another fun ombre is socks. This one is really easy - just wash, leave damp, and hang over the side of the bucket with the feet in the dye. I've seen this done with baby socks. SO CUTE! Definitely what the next family baby will be getting!

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