Dye your wardrobe - stripping colour and starting over

Pre-dye is something I know some people are afraid of playing with. Its not often I want to lighten, but it happens, and in those times pre-dye is the only option. Using your washing machine, it strips the dye from your fabric to return it to a neutral colour for dyeing over. It will even lighten black, not by much admittedly, but enough that you can turn something black into something with a bit more wow.

Like Machine Dye, pre-dye is a pop it in and let it do its thing product. Unlike the dyes no salt is needed for this, but you will still need to wash your items after. Otherwise its so simple a monkey (or very tired me) could manage it.

I had a few items this time round that wanted the pre-dye treatment. A skirt that was just a bit too dark for me, and the other a black bag that was one black bag in my wardrobe too many. The red stripy number was very very faded and needed something to get more life out of it.

As you can see, the colour change was quite profound in the skirt and tunic, while the black bag had no read difference you could see. Maybe a bit more faded than it was, but still looking pretty much the same.

The striped skirt was noticeably lighter - even the black stripes which were noticeably lighter. My once red top was much more orange, almost mustard yellow but not quite - shame, I might have left it alone.

Which is the other option with pre-dye - don't dye over it. Sometimes the colour it goes can be quite nice. I seriously considered leaving both the skirt and top as they were, but in the end they all got popped in the machine with a sachet of red dye and let rip.

The tunic is a much more subtle stripe than it would have been just dyeing on top of what was already there. I really like it like this. Ok.. I might have plans to screen print something onto it where some marks that weren't so obvious before now really are. Still, I really like it.

The skirt is a more cheery, lighter shade, and much more me than the deep wine red stripe it was. It is definitely a bit more me now.

What about the bag? The one that didn't look that different in the before and after? Well, it was different enough to turn a lovely burgundy with stitch detail that looks almost neon against it.

You don't always need it, but don't ignore the possibility of using Pre-Dye when you are revamping with dye - it can make something that looks just too dark the prefect shade for you, and enable you to change the colour of something from one side of the colour wheel to the other.

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