Lomography Take Two

We're back, and in full on battle with jetlag. I've got some really cool 365 photos to share but until I'm mentally able to face the challenge of my 8GB of photos, have some Lomo.

I know its been a bit of a wait between my first roll of film and now. Some of this was waiting to take what I thought might be interesting photos, but mostly due to the fact that I'm useless at getting my arse to the developing place. This time I'm actually quite chuffed with the results.

I got about a 80% sucess rate - I think I only messed up two or three frames this time. What I did do, as a result of my procrastination, was expose the finished film (while all wrapped up tightly) to some light. It stupidly ended up a bit too close to my desk lamp and so we've got this cool numbering superimposed on some of the frames.

I did still need to mess with the brightness and contrast a bit, but my lovely photo guy has recommended me some different film which should be better (for techy photo folks we are talking a lower ISO here) but in all honesty learning how long to expose and so on is all learning so as long as thats all I'm fiddling with then I'm happy with that - especially as I'm not working from high-resolution film scans. Some, like the one below, didn't need any fiddling.

My lovely Diana is came on holiday with me, and I'm hoping for some fabulous shots of British Columbia to add to my Lomo collection (once I get my act together and develop!). For now, I'll make do with the South Bank

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