love life small # 3 - go outside

We've started to get the first sprinkling of the days that make up the great British summer. So its time to go outside! We've brushed off our picnic blanket, dug out the cool box and are all set embracing the outdoor life.

When the weather suits, make the outdoors another room in your house. Don't have a garden you say? Nor do we. We're lucky in that we have the beach and a park really close, so free outdoors are available, but if they aren't don't let that stop you. I'm all for thrifty living as you know, but part of the bonus of living small is small bills. Heating costs are lower as well as the rent, so spending a little to go and sit in a beer garden or outside a cafe is just levelling the scales a little. We spend our sunny time equally between all the great outdoors near us, here are some of the stuff we get up to.

As well as the obvious beach barbecue and picnic options, think about taking stuff with you. Yes, take your lunch to the park but also take your knitting or your paperwork, or simply a good book. If you have a good data plan or your local beer garden has wifi - go catch some rays while catching up on your blog reading.  Download that show on iPlayer to your tablet and watch it in the park rather than on your sofa.

The world is your oyster, go out into it.

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