Brighton's Best, as picked by me

It might have seemed like yesterday, but it was 5 years ago last week that me and himself indoors got married. So, seeing as I had the weekend off (near miracle in itself!) we headed off on a a mini-break in Canterbury. It was lovely, we saw a few touristy things, ate out and generally just chilled out and not have to think about normal, domestic day to day things like at home.

There were a few failures in the eating out department thou, nothing major but enough that we ended up comparing to what we would have done at home, other than the beach of course. So local, or just planning a weekend away like I just had, for your perusal here are my favourite places to generally waste away a weekend close to home.


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No surprise here to anyone who follows my twitter feed. In the spirit of complete honesty, the food and beer aren't anything to write home about - the usual pub fare is the standard. But then that's okay, that isn't what you came for. A few times there has been one or two comics who weren't to my taste, but the bookers are good at what they do - there is always a good mix and I've never had two "duds" in one night. Nothing like a good belly laugh and a few beers in my book. There is also usually a voucher or two floating around on Groupon or LivingSocial if you look, making it great value too.


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There's no end of good beer pubs around (and we are getting a Brewdog bar in September), but if wine or cocktails are your thing, then my favourite is Plateau. They are specialists in natural wine - so no chemicals are used - but even if that isn't your jam, its a bit of a foodie treat. Great food, great drinks and for my mind great value for what you get. A nice place to sit and while away an hour or two.


The Royal Pavilion is always worth a look inside at least once in a lifetime, but if you're not feeling it (or the entrance free) then lazing on the grass or walking in the gardens with a take out coffee and admiring the architecture is a good alternative. Its always a vibrant space and so pretty. I might be a wee bit too excited that I'm now working about a minute away. New lunch space klaxon!


The Lanes and the North Laines, either way nothing is better than a bit of window shopping and a bite to eat down the lanes. Snoopers Paradise is an institution - filled to the rafters with all sorts of stuff, the "boutique market" is home to various different stall holders and makers. Hours can be lost there before you even venture anywhere else.

There are any number of stores and places to eat I love to visit here; Bert's for homewares, Dave's for comics and boardgames, Temptation for eats (and the amazing knitted Pavilion in their window) and the T-Chest for the best in comic t-shirts. There are too many places to mention, and its great for a ramble and explore.


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There are no end of eateries in Brighton, and if you are at all a foodie I recommend you check out The Graphic Foodie because she does it better than I could here. But I will recommend Gars Chinese, because everyone needs a good Peking Duck every now and again.

Its a problem, my fussiness over Chinese food. Its not that I'm an expert, more that I just can't stomach some of the sterotypical takeout fare - we're the talking greasy and just generally unappetising things in silver containers. Mr O loves Chinese, and to be honest I do, but I'm fussy and it caused problems until we found Gars. Love it. We need to go for a hike up the downs soon so I can justify a big nosh up there again! As an added bonus they take tastecard, which as he gets one with his bank so extra good value.

Also honorable mentions for The Duke of York's Theatre (great for more arthouse movies), MeatLiquor (I love the cocktails), Hove Lawns and Steine Gardens (usually something on down there during the summer) and for just walking around the city sinking it in. 

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