Love LIfe Small #4 - Buy Travel

I'm not taking about packing up and leaving your postage stamp place, as wonderful an idea as that might be. After all, it is only a short term solution! No, I'm taking travel sized products.

Not everything, you understand, but certain items are just as good travel sized. I recently treated myself to some new make-up brushes. Now, I could easily go for the big, long handled things, but I found myself thinking about storage.

This was one of the situations where travel sized is the small living solution - same quality, does the same job but is smaller. Travel products need not only be for your suitcase. The laptop is the prime example - in the past they were seen as a travellers tool, not the main computer you would have at home or the office. Now they are the go to solution because of space.

When space is a premium, look at travel sized when buying.

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