Unleashing my inner Oswin

Everyone has something that scares them. I'm not talking spiders or something like that. I mean things like sewing silk or tackling those projects that always turn up on Pinterest Fail. For me, one of those things is Soufflé's.

So, popped in the jar was a slip of paper challenging me to embrace my inner Dr Who companion and make a Soufflé. Of course, it got plucked out over a week ago. What?? I procrastinate ok.

I read 5 or 6 different recipes and couldn't see what the fuss was over in the cooking stakes. So, a day off came around and finally the ramekins came out.

Well the first thing that went wrong I happened to pick a fairly dud recipe. So when they came out alittle later than the advised time, we went ughhh, and popped them back in the oven as they were undercooked. Not the best start

When it came out again, well... urm... yes. The texture was good, it was cooked and rose nicely, as you can see. Again I fell foul of the recipe thou, as it was tasteless. Despite erring on the side of cheese in my cheese soufflé, I couldn't taste it. Again, I'm not impressed with the recipe I found.

Other than that, soufflés really aren't as scary as I thought. I just think next time, I need a better recipe to follow. I've conquered the fear, now to master the taste!

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