Decoupage Placemats

My lovely wooden table is great, except for the need for coasters and place mats. So recently I revamped an old set I had laying around with a bit of spray paint and some lovely paper!

I used this gorgeous paper I found in the Tate Modern shop that is covered in all my favourite comic and sci-fi heroes. There was a "Heroes and Villians" and a "Heroines and Villainesses" so I made half and half - I now have boys and girls placemats! 

It really was so easy. As you can see from my little collage, firstly get your old placements ready by giving them a quick sand - this gives a surface the paint can stick to. Then spray paint in your chosen colour - following whatever instructions are on your paint. 

Once you are happy with the coverage, cut out whatever paper or papers you want to put on your placemats, then spray the back of the piece/s with spray mount. This wont affect any of the colours on the front, will give an even cover and most importantly allow you to reposition it if you get the placement wrong. Once happy leave to dry, then cover with 2 or 3 coats of spray varnish. 

That's that, They work brilliantly, no peeling of the paper (its been a good 2 months of use now) and although I wouldn't recommend submersing them in water, they hold up to moisture perfectly fine. Quick, easy, and everyone thinks I paid megabucks for them! 


  1. This looks great ... I have an old set of mats that either need to be upcycled or thrown out. :) what varnish did you use for the top coat? I've been trying to work out how to make my mats heat resistant.

    Thanks for the post,

  2. Thanks! The varnish isn't heatproof, as they are really just for plates and my guru (aka mate who sells paint/varnish) tells me that heatproof is a right pain. I use nice decorative tiles, backed with cork and felt, I inherited for hot dishes from the oven or stove.

    No problems (touch wood) with these, we use them everyday for plates and so on, they wipe clean perfectly fine, and it was just a standard waterproof spray craft varnish I used.