Lush Gorilla Perfume Gallery

I happened to be up in London on the day Lush launched their new perfume range, in frankly the most fun way I can think of, so I had to pop in and have a sniff.

All the different scents have a story, and these are lovingly illustrated in a gallery guide that is presented like a comic book. Inside explains the Gorilla Lab and explains its a place "where perfumes are being created as a form of expression", making it really up my street in terms of what I think about the things I want in my life - made with love and care.

I am totally biased, I'm a lushie as well as just loving the fact that these are perfumes that adapt on your skin and end up being a little different on everyone. I might have spent a wee bit too much on some gorgeous perfumes - but as I said they act differently so go and try yourself if that is your thing. My overall favourite is the one that gives its name to the event - death and decay. Really not what you expect but full of floral lilies and quite uplifting. I'm not going to dwell on the scents thou, they are all great, and its such a subjective thing as to what people like and what they don't. 

The real gem of this whole thing is really the holistic approach - and by that I mean using every sense to bring you into the vibe they wanted to create with the scents. Think of it more as a multi-sensory art exhibit, rather than an extension of a Lush store. Really worth a look in, if you are in London.

It is open afternoons until July 24th, located beneath Phonica Records in Poland Street, Soho or check out the facebook page or instagram. I totally adore this as (taking the shops and business part of it aside) a really neat way of showcasing art in a product, but one that really doesn't get the recognition it deserves for its art. 

Plus, who doesn't want a selfie with a gorilla?? 

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