Matisse Inspired Earrings

On my recent trip to London, as well as the Lush perfume gallery I also visited the Matisse Cutouts exhibit at the Tate Modern. It really was wonderful, and knowing this was coming up is one of the reasons I have a Tate Membership (that and last years Lowry)

Anyway, I felt truly inspired by what I think of as the dancers, especially this piece called Icarus (Jazz) that is on loan from MOMA for the show. So glad it was there as it always has been on of my favourites. That one, and the blue nudes.

Henri Matisse - Icarus (Jazz)
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York
So inspired, I set out to create a few blue dancers of my own out of shrink plastic. I had the notion of  a pair of earrings, so I set out. The drawing was easy - I've been doodling similar figures for years - so, once my shrink plastic was prepped as per the instructions I set out drawing my figures.

They aren't identical on purpose, but the heads are the same size. The plastic will shrink to about 45% of its original size so they are very big - those squares on my mat are 1cm, but trust me you need them big because of the shrinkage! You can use all sorts of things to colour the plastic, I played it safe and used a sharpie.

Once one side was coloured, I cut out the shapes and went to work colouring in the other side. I went with a very Matisse blue for the figures rather than black because I wear alot of black clothing for work and its all about colour for me when it comes to accessories. I cut a small hole for the hooks (again remembering it will shrink too!) and I was ready to bake. Pop the shapes on a thick piece of cardboard, and a few minutes is all it takes to shrink up the shapes.

Et Voila! A gorgeous pair of earrings, totally original, individual, and inspired by a master. Can't ask for better for a few minutes work. These are definitely my new favourites!

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