Brighton Pride 2014

Believe it or not, until this year I'd never been to Pride. I've lived in Brighton for 9 years and never made it - I've always been working somewhere far from the parade, or on Holiday.

So when it transpired I had the morning off, and the parade would pass by work just before I had to start - well it was a doozie. Off I trundled, camera in tow!

The lovely girls from Lush were "circulating" the  night before Pride I'd been into Lush for a "Lock In" which was basically two of the lovely ladies (including blue haired Sophie) belting out some fabulous tunes to raise money for the LGBT Switchboard. That day they were out glitterising the crowds gathered to watch the parade. I might still be finding glitter in places I shouldn't be. 

Down by the bottom of the lanes the crowds weren't as thick as elsewhere along the parade route so I was able to see a lot (and pick up alot of stickers and badges as well as glitter!). There were so many great costumes!

There were three queens obviously inspired by Pricilla Queen of the Desert, which is one of my favourite films. I was stood by this little roundabout and when they reached it, two of them spent a good few minutes dancing in circles around it, making the most of their "wings". Amazing!

It was really neat to see the parade, I was kinda bummed that I had to head into work and miss the rest of the festivities. It definately put me in the party mood going into my shift. Next year I might have to be off.. ok make that definately! I want to join in this guys party - he was obviously having more fun that should be legal!! 

Happy Pride!

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