Love Life Small #5 - A place for everything..

... and everything in its place.

Sometimes the mess can get to you - because all it can take is coming in exhausted with shopping and then sitting down without popping it all away, and before you know it, it looks like a bomb hit.
I am a neat freak, so it does get to me more than most. That said, I'm also a realist and it is impossible to keep to "show home" tidiness all the time, or to be totally honest, for more than 5 minutes after you've finished hoovering.

Everything you bring into your small home should have a home of its own inside. If it doesn't, you end up with junk all over the place. These Shadowboxes hold all those bits and bobs that either make a place look cluttered or end up in a drawer forgotten. Ditto our door gallery - saves on photo frames all over the place but we still get to look at our photos.  Make sure the stuff you use also has a place to go too. My desk generally always looks a mess - my glasses, camera and god knows what else on it cluttering it. But within a few moments they can all be popped back "home" and my home looks tidy and perfect again.

With us its part of the nightly routine - when one of us is brushing teeth and the like, the other one flits around and primps and pops things away. It takes five minutes, but as a result, instead of a tiny flat, filled with two much stuff, we wake up to a perfectly formed abode, where we have (at very least the illusion of ) space for everything.

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