Now I'm nearing 30..

Birthday week is hear and this year it's a fairly big one. The big 30. True to form, there is a fab party in the works, and its vintage theme - film noir baby!

But that's for later, for now I thought best to see how I did on my pledges

"Now that I am 29 I solemnly swear to...  try and make something once a week, even if that
something is only a few rows of crochet. Learn another new craft. Go out more and stop being
such a hermit!! Make it to London to see art and the nephew at least once every two months "

So how did I do. Well, urm... like most things life got in the way most of the time. I did make an awful lot of stuff, maybe not once a week a lot of the time but sometimes I did have flurries of making so I think it averages out. I did learn some new crafts and skills like lomography, dip dying and curing my own bacon!

Me and the little man have had some fun times, as witnessed by anyone who looks at my instagram. Not always in London with the art but close enough, being an Aunty kinda rocks. As for the hermit and getting out more, that's one where the intention was there but it just didn't happen. I manage to cross a few things off "the list" like whale watching and dream job. I'm still kinda
glowing from the "OH MY GOD!! ORCA OVER THERE!!" moment.

So now I'm 30? Well, more work on the Hermit thing that's for sure. Try to do one thing thats completely new every month - be it a new craft, a new recipe (I've never rolled sushi for instance) or going/doing something I've never done before. I'm open to suggestions, otherwise I'm looking forward to the fun of trying to think of things, as well as actually doing them, but suggestions are welcome!

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