a good day earworm

Ever wake up with a random song in your head, one that somehow makes you feel a bit more chipper? bouncy and happy to face everything?? 

I don't talk about why I'm such a hermit, mainly as a way of not indulging it. But it is a depression thing, something I've dealt with over half my life. I worry, I fret and I like sometimes to stay in my little cave. Anyway, I woke up with this in my head this morning. Avenue Q is my favourite musical, but its been ages since I saw it last (its no longer touring) or listened to any of the songs. This one, the finale, is one of the few clean ones, but its such a mood lifter. 

I had to share, especially since I've been singing it all morning. Its happened before, and when it lifts my mood enough, I start singing it entirely in the gruff voice of Trekkie Monster. 

So if you are having a rough day, or something didn't go quite right - remember everything in life is only for now.

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