DIY Light Up Lettering

So ages ago, on one of my many rummages in Tiger, I came across this cardboard ampersand. It was love, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I needed to light that baby up!

Getting the battery operated fairy lights in was really simple. Mark where you want the bulbs in the front and when you are happy, cut a small cross at those points. Push the tip of a pen or pencil into that cut, until it opens up enough for the bulb. Then cut out the back so you can push the bulbs through to the front. Pop all the cables and the battery pack into the cavity so nothing can be seen from the front. Leave the back open so you can turn it off and change the batteries, nothing can be seen from the front anyway.

That is it. Decorate how you want - I gilded the front of mine (BADLY) with copper leaf. I did it totally wrong, but the principle is you put glue on your surface then press the leaf onto it when its tacky. It took me a while to get it right - next time I think it'll be spray glue because I get the feeling that'll be a lot easier to get right.

The sides were painted with normal black acrylic paint, to make the illuminated copper front really stand out. It also makes the whole thing a lot cheaper than covering entirely with copper leaf. What do you think??

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