Fabric Covered Lampshade - DIY Kit make.

We had luckily just finished eating dinner the other night, when a moth got itself caught inside the paper ball we had as a lampshade. It was above our heads and I forget to dust inside it. The dust bunnies falling onto the dining table were A - not pretty, and B - reminded me I had brought a lampshade kit that was just laying idle in the cupboard. Time to break it free.

I picked mine up in at The Eternal Maker last time I visited. At £10.50 for the smaller one (which I thought would be about the right size where I wanted it). My fabric is a quilting cotton by Riley Blake, Green Willow Leaves, that I picked up from the remnants section at the same time. It seems to be unavailable now sadly because its gorgeous.

The kit itself is really easy to follow, and as much as I'm not normally one for kits, it also seems fairly good value - the PVC is pre-cut, you get more than enough adhesive tape. A quick google makes me think if I put real effort into finding the cheapest supplier or was making more than one I could make one cheaper.

Still, it really is simple with the kit. Once your fabric is crease free and trimmed it takes minutes. The pre-cut and scored PVC makes leaving just the right amount of fabric to cover the wire frame rings (and by association the adhesive) a piece of cake.

Next time I might do it myself - especially if I can pick up and old shade the right size I could upcycle. The kit is good thou, and I can imagine it would be a lovely crafty gift for someone. I'm chuffed, I really love my new shade.

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