Stripey Computer Chair

Another re-upholstering job, this time the ubiquitous black swivel desk chair that most of us have and lament over the look of. No longer my friends, no longer. 

Ours was a little sad looking, and upon examination it appeared to be just foam on top of wooden board. So, taking a guess and stripping it back, I was right and it was prime for an upcycle. Once stripped back it was easy as pie. Since the last time when I was using nails and pins my lovely hubby had got me a staple gun. A cheap-as-chips foam seatpad from Dunelm Mill was glued to the board (and pre-shaped so no need to trim) then I covered with fabric the same way as I had before. 

Even quicker than 60 minutes this time because I knew what I was doing. I re-did the now tired seat on the other chair at the same time and now I have two very lovely chairs. I used some heavyweight fabric I picked up in a rummage at Eternal Maker, and the striped loveliness is am upholstery fabric I picked up in Ikea.

The prize thou is really the computer chair. Gone is the black boring, replaced with striped loveliness. Much more fun, don't you think? 

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