Vintage Birthday Bonanza

As well as an experience day I'm going to keep under my hat until I do it, and completing my collection of fab Jimbobart plates, my birthday haul included some extensive expansion to my vintage camera collection.

I must have been mumbling a lot about my want for one that takes the (much cheaper than 120mm) 35mm film. The fun little one we picked up for £5 while rummaging in a car boot sale recently, I just forgot to blog it. What I did get was this glorious flash and rangefinder that work with it. Now I still love my Diana F, shes gorgeous, but she doesn't have a flash and I keep forgetting I want to get one, then it becomes. "oh next payday".

Now I have another camera that has a flash I might hold off for a while - I'm thinking the Diana for days out and the MastraV35 for when I need the flash. We'll see, I can't wait to try it! I have 10 flashbulbs to start with. I just need the film

 The other one? If you know your cameras it is what you think it is - its a Nikon F.

My Dad picked it up (again for next to nothing at a garage sale) with all the lenses and there is also a professional flashgun that works with it. That will also work with my pretty red Olympus, but unfortunately the lenses don't. Dad used to be a photographer so knows his stuff, and so had to pick it up when he saw it. He's talking bulk loaders and "do you remember the darkroom I had" and melting my brain a little with all the cool stuff this baby can do. I pretty much know the point-shoot-and-hope technique and this is a full on professional set up. Out of my league, definitely yes. Going to be so much fun, oh hell yes.

The icing on the "Oh my god wow but how the hell do I use it" cake was this amazing brownie I got. Brownie, Cake, get it?? I'll get my coat

This lovely lady really should be getting her pension. I'm told I can modify some 120mm film to use with her (she's designed for 620mm but that's very esoteric and hard to find) so she might come out of retirement, but really, shes so pretty I'm happy just to look at her.

So, if you are thinking about what would be really nice to get me for Christmas, I'm going to have to suggest film might be an idea. I need to take these babies for a test drive!

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