Lush Christmas Launch 2014

I'm a huge fan of Lush, so it's not much of a surprise that I was totally excited that this week was the launch of the Halloween and Christmas ranges. Aside from the obvious amazing smells, lack of testing on bunnies and all that, I love the natural handmade thing they have going on. It's always hard to come out without at least one thing if I go in, but  I "may" have been a bit crazy this time and brought half the range. But hey, limited edition so its worth it. 

First the ballistics. You know these bad boys, the things that make the bath AMAZING!! The new ones are amazing, sparkler and northern lights especially - but they are also enormously fragile so I didn't pick any up as I had this sneaking suspicion that they wouldn't make it home in one piece (seeing as it was home via the pub and cinema!)

Back this year are some awesome favourites. First is the glorious little box that is Golden Wonder, which I recently found out takes a whole week to make thanks to all the layers. There is also Shoot for the Stars, with its sparkly star that turns the bath into indigo sparkly goodness. Lord of Misrule, that goes from green to wine red and smells really deep and warming, is also back, as are Cinders and So White. Those last two also brought friends with them but more on that.

Bubbles wise, the wands are back, but as cute as they are, for me bath is all about smell. The wizard is only around for Halloween, so grab him while you can. He smells like an old product called Mr Punch (if you're an old fan like me), but basically a nice warming smell. I love those kind of smells in the bath  especially cinnamon and peppery smells. Great for warming up when I get sore cold toes in the depths of winter.

I have been a total Lushie since I was about 14, and way back when they used to do a dusting powder that smelled of sweets and was filled with silver glitter. Then they didn't and I was sad, because as much as I have outgrown that sweet smell (although I do still like the odd bit) I missed the glitter. Then came First Snow, and its love. A really nice citrus smell, but not overly lemon or orange, just that general zing and SILVER GLITTER. I'm in love and its possibly the best thing I picked up.

While bath has been about old favourites, shower has been my main poison this year. As well as Rose Jam and Snow Fairy coming back for a visit, both So White and Cinders have brought their shower gel friends with them. So White has that same crisp apple scent as the ballistic, while Hot Toddy has the same warming smells as the Cinders bomb. Its going to be a favourite when it finally gets a bit colder, while at the moment I'm loving the crispness of the So White, and I think I'll be stocking up on that to see me the year.

As I said, shower is my main poison, and it is mostly - it has to be an awesome soap for me to bother with soap dishes and all that. This year there are two. The one above, the Reindeer Rock, is covered in glistening reindeer. It smells intensely of the Comforter bubble bar, and seeing as I adore that one, it is a no-brainer. Occasionally a Comforter Shower gel becomes available, but to carry me through I think I'll be stocking up on this one.

Finally, the only soap I have ever wanted to eat, The Yog Nog. No really, it takes a lot of willpower not to munch on this. Imagine the creamy, caramel sweet smell like the inside of a Crunchie. Its that in a soap and it is glorious. Another one I will have to stock up on. 

So those are my picks. The lovely Phil and Sophie from Lush Brighton have put up some videos, going through the whole range bit by bit. They are very giggly but fun, worth a gander. 

What are your favourites from the Christmas range (if any!)?

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