[Midnight?] Movie Madness

I don't know about the rest of you, but as the nights get darker there is nothing I like better than curling up under a blanket on the sofa and watching something good on TV. I'm a TV snob so nine times out of ten its a movie. I didn't used to work at Blockbuster Video for nothing, I'm a movie nerd.

I was invited to take part in the #Currysmovienight competition and wax lyrical on my favourite movie soundtrack, the timing made me laugh, talk about serendipity! Halloween season is the perfect time to talk about it. It is after all a Halloween classic. No, its not Scream or Halloween or any number of other scary movies going around your head right now. Oh no, I'm more of a musicals person on Halloween, I'm not one to hide behind my cushions. I'm more of a jump to the left kinda girl.

I love a good movie that gets you involved, and Rocky Horror certainly has done that for me. Within a month of first being shown the movie by a uber fan ex-boyfriend, I ended up dancing in front of the screen at a showing over Halloween at a particle physics accelerator lab,  and later in downtown Chicago at the traditional midnight showing. Think me being Emma Watson in Perks of Being a Wallflower, but that's another story.

Most people know the music of Rocky Horror thanks to the Timewarp, but its so much more. Adding to the story are some amazing tunes, the kind that (for me at least) stick in your head for a while.

Hot Patootie is a definate favourite, always one I'm caught singing or at least humming. Not that I can get the words in - apparently Meatloaf originally got the part because he could actually get all the words in. So I was told anyway. Extra points if you can spot Christopher Biggins in the above clip. 

But as well as the fun songs like Hot Patootie and Timewarp and others, there is also the very melancholic and sweet (if a little twisted) Don't Dream it, Be it, Superheroes and I'm Going Home in the movie's third act. Still, my favourites are the more upbeat numbers not least because they remind me of performing it in the cinema (and all the dirty things people would shout that would crack me up). 

There are other films where I love the music, like the aforementioned Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but in those cases a lot of it is because I just like the song aside from the film, or because I associate with the emotion in the scene with that song. Rocky Horror is the one I love where the songs aren't props, they are part of it all (which is to be expected of a musical) but where they also evoke something in me. 

Oh and for the record, as much as I love the film, out of context the Timewarp annoys me too. But here is it for good measure, in context.

this post is part of the #currysmovienight competition, but all views expressed are my own, honest, unbiased thoughts. For more on my policy see here

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