Reading List

I mentioned getting my reading mojo back and going back to some old favourites.  That said, they aren't the only written words I've been devouring. When I get going, I get through alot!

Book of the month..

Every blogger and there mother is talking about it, but I really got engrossed in Gone Girl. Its rare I'm all over needing to see a film as soon as it goes on at the cinema, but this is one. I hear rumblings that the ending on the film is slightly different, but we shall see on that matter. A really intense and "screwed up" story, which is actually the kinda screwed up you can imagine going down. Sometimes these things can seem a little farcical but this one, this one I can see. Also its such hot property right now it was snatched from my mitts before I could grab a photo. Oops!

Blog Post Love.. 

From the Gorgeous Uncia and Tigris

Almost too many good ones this month, or is that I read too many? Probably both if I'm totally honest.

I'm loving the quotes that Claire is posting over at Uncia and Tigris. They appear in my bloglovin feed and brighten my day a wee bit, make me think and reflect on stuff, whatever it is its generally something I can relate to and its really nice to have something like that show up instead of 10,00 posts on a lipgloss colour. Incase you hadn'y noticed I'm not really that kinda girl! The one above arrived on a particularly shocking day, but made it feel alittle better. She also has some gorgeous photos and recipes so check it out!

A definate shout out is also needed to my friend Anna who had surgery to remove her breasts this month and is blogging about her journey. Anna is 20 and has the BRCA2 gene like Angelina Jolie and decided to have the surgery now rather than later. So brave!

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