The words that speak to me... favourite book quotes.

I'm a rabid reader, always have been and I probably always will be. Diving into a good book is one of the things that keeps me reasonably sane. Sometimes the words just talk to you, which is probably why we all have favourite quotes. These are mine (or at least the ones that aren't simply because I love the "scene").

Love this because its very much like as zen as you might try to be, sometimes life is just too ridiculous.

I have a gutter mind, so on that level I relate. Generally thou, Oscar had all the best lines

I pretty much felt like this my whole adolescence, but Perks was the first time I read anything that described perfectly how I felt when I was low. I have this theory that there are people who think they were Charlie (the protagonist), and people who wished they were, and the book really for the latter, so they can understand it gets better. I was one of the wishers.

This one because again, this = me. Plus, that is what books are all about to me really.

Pretty much ALL of this book is quotable, much like the movie. This is the one I use every time someone says inconceivable most often.

Also an honorable mention of another Jim Butcher quote, "Tao of Pratchett, I live by it" because, well, I do. But tell me, what are your favourite book quotes? 

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