Three Little Birds

If you follow me on instagram  you're probably aware that I recently had my first tattoo. Now its fully healed I thought it was about time it got its own post.

I've always thought of getting a tattoo before, but its been jobs, or I've changed my mind on the design or what not. I had this rule that I had to really want the design for about a year before I could have it. I have a really short attention span at times. The idea of blackbirds flying has been in my mind for ages now, and life and job made it a good time. Also, I live in ballet pumps so the foot seemed the ideal place. My feet are quite fleshy, so it was only painful really on the tips closest to the toes and the ankle.

I went local, to Tattooing at Gunpoint. Yes that is my foot when you look through the gallery. Jack was great and really put this inking virgin at ease. Definitely going back for the next one. Just got to decide what. 

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