Windsor... and Castle

So as part of my something new birthday pledge, when Mr O took a week off work to use up his holiday days, instead of what usually happens (lay ins and general slobbing) we got out and did. Work is slow in this pre-Christmas stage, so I was free most days so lots of day trips.

For what has seemed like an age I've wanted to go and make Fudge at the The Fudge Kitchen and, not having one locally, we decided to combine it with a visit somewhere else. Windsor was somewhere I'd never been and is fairly close so that was that decision made. Of course the main reason to visit Windsor is the Castle and the Royal links. We managed to get up there just in time to catch the changing of the guard.

After watching the guys in the red coats and funny hats we had a bit of a wander around the town. There is a lot of Royal themed stuff (like this cool phone box), but the town itself is essentially just a really pretty country town with a river running through it. Don't get me wrong, its gorgeous, but the main attraction is the castle. Ironically this is the same reason the rest of it is so pretty - got to keep up with the Jones'. 

After watching the guards, and a nice wonder around we headed into the castle. It has been here, in some form or another, since the 11th century. The grounds are gorgeous, sadly it was too cold and windy to walk around outside too much. Luckily you can get your ticket stamped and get free re-entry for a year, so I am seeing a summer day, or maybe early spring?

Inside the exhibits were really interesting. History was a favourite in school, and there are alot of paintings and artifacts that made me have "Oh wow that is from that" moments. I'm not a royalist so much as I love history and art, so seeing the historical lists of members of the Order of the Garter in the restored St Georges Hall (it was gutted by fire in 1992) featuring the names of other monarchs like the Tsar and Japanese Emperor, and all the various people that Henry VIII wanted to keep sweet (mainly the husbands/fathers of his mistresses).  

It was also kinda cool to see things like a white ring on the fancy banqueting table. Someone didn't use a coaster! (sadly no photos as no photos allowed inside) Queen Mary's Dollhouse is also really interesting. I swear its bigger than our whole flat, add to that it has running water and electricity. I want to move in!

If you are into your history or castles or just nice country town days out then Windsor is a place to consider. We had a really nice day, despite the rain, and even without the Fudge Making added, but more on that in another post! 

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