365 = 262 - 268

Playing about taking reflection pictures on the bus home.

I have been using the same bus stop for 8 years and I haven't noticed this brick wall at the
edge of the field in all this time. That's one of the great things about doing this project, 
I'm finding I'm noticing more and more "little things".

I finally got my act together and found The Cornershop-by-the-Sea exhibit.
I now crave felt baked beans.

Gorgeous photo exhibit outside the library.

I'm now commuting in darkness. It's definitely beginning to look like Christmas! 

There is a new wine in the house! This one is called Gretel, and is black forest fruits.
I hate that its going to be next Christmas before I know if shes as good as she looks.

I have a few little shadowboxes on my wall, usually with knicknacks (or the phone) in or on those.
This little collection is one of my favourite little "tableau" 

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