A Room of One's Own

As is my normal M.O, I've been on an organize/cleaning kick as the seasons have changed, and first on the list was "the front room", aka the room we do everything but bathe and sleep in. It needed a bit of a wiggle, it generally does if only to move things from in front of the heater. I started to clean and move the dining table, then thought that sitting at the desk was in a draft, and it turned into a full turn around. Given that, and that I've also been made aware that I've never really done a room tour, its time had obviously come.

So... Tour..

The room itself is very bright. Its horrible and grey at the moment, so not so obvious, but the window faces due south so we have to have a blackout blind otherwise some days, especially now when the sun is low, the glare is insane. Also makes photo taking a bit of a pain as whatever angle you take you hit the light right on, so please excuse the photos, as I'm not the best and this room is too bright.

Really it needs a full repaint - its been 5 years which doesn't sound too bad, but in a tiny place triple the wear and tear. The new/old TV unit needs a paint  too (and two more drawers taking out and a shelf put in to be honest), but both aren't really priorities with the impending move. The "unit" a was originally in the bedroom holding all my fabric, but now it is the refuge for all my camera bits not on the walls, his computer bits and all the general junk that accumulates in drawers. The fabric now lives in the removed drawer, now living under the sofa, or in scrap bags that I really need to sort out!

There are some new cushion covers in mix too. I say new, upcycled is probably a better description. The map motif is a scarf/knotwrap from lush that I just fell in love with when I saw it, but honestly you could use any scarf that you love. The back is made from some bits of fabric in my stash that I am desperately trying to use up. The inner is again scraps and old pillow filling made into a cushion pad. The mountain you've seen before, & I still love the other big cushion, in the photo below, but the other cushions are currently in the waiting line for new patchwork covers. I'm just deciding on what fabric from my stash to use!!

My desk is still the lovely bureau I picked up for a song on ebay, but shes now been painted entirely in blue. It suits her, she is a crafting Tardis, but I have broken it up on the side with some lovely paper that is covered in Hollywood icons. The small gap behind it gives me a bit of extra shelf space on top - so my notebooks and lamp can sit there, as well as giving a space for my silkscreen, rolls of paper and most importantly, the modem to sit.

I'm actually really impressed with how much we manage to fit in to this tiny room. It's mostly done with good furniture choices. The trunk coffee table not only has amble storage, it is on wheels so can easily be moved out of the way, and with out big cushions on it is a nice additional seat or foot rest. Un-extended, the dining table sits out of the way against the window, or in front of the heater ( in the summer when its off) and can even fit in the hallway as a sideboard if we need to when we get our Christmas tree on.

Sadly the kitchen is so tiny the fridge needs to be in the front room with us but by covering it the way we have it blends in a little better. The blackboard front is really handy for little notes and shopping lists/reminders as well, and on top is our home office (read wireless printer/scanner/copier) - plugged in a ready to print, so we never have to move in and out of storage to use it. Similarly finding two uses, the small built in cupboard has a hanging rail installed in it, so as well as having our wine rack and other kitchen overflow, it also stores our clothes. As you can see, the kitchen is tiny in the extreme, but we manage.

I have possibly too much in the way of photos and art on the walls, but I like it, it makes it feel like its mine. I like the coziness of being surrounded with friends and family - if only on the walls in photos. What I love, what makes me feel the "warmest" in this space are those few minutes I have on my own after work, when I'm home and he isn't. I'll light some tea lights, maybe pop on the lamps (there is a hidden one behind the telly), and I can snuggle up under the blanket on the sofa with the book or some guilty pleasure telly until he gets in. It's in these moments I love my cozy corner of the world.

What do you think? Any interiors tips for me?? 


  1. Looks really great. Feels like a home. No tips, keep making it feel comfortable and worth living in.

    1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to Christmass-ing it up now, I urm.. might go a bit OTT.