All I want for Christmas is...

Today saw the launch of the John Lewis Christmas advert. I don't know about you but not only do I love that little penguin, but that means it really is beginning to look like Christmas. Working in retail its my signal to get my finger out and start shopping, as trying to do anything in December itself is a nightmare.

Thinking nightmares, I'm told that I am an absolute one to buy for. Aside from the obvious go-to item of wine, I'm tough to buy for. I have allergies and sensitive skin, & I am rather fussy about what I buy me because I like what I like and I work hard for my wages so I spend carefully. That makes it difficult I guess, also no one ever wants to get me stuff from where I work which eradicates about half the potential list.

So, potential Secret Santas and other assorted stalkers people who might be in need of inspiration , a gift - here are some ideas for you.

photos from Lush Chelmsford and

1- Narwhal Necklace 
Designosaur have some fantastic designs on their Etsy Shop, but this is my favourite at the moment. If Narwhals aren't your thing, check out the Dodo, Chameleon and of course all the Dinosaurs that are hand drawn before being laser-cut.  But as far as I am concerned, its Narwhals FTW! £29.45 inc p&p

2 - Happy Bathday
Might be my new favourite Lush Gift, as much as I adore the Christmas gifts range, this one is top of my list. Not only enough for more than a few nights in the tub, but the reusable tin is designed by the fab people at MinaLima - who designed the Daily Prophet Posters and some of the horcrux's for Harry Potter. That, and DUCKY BUNTING!!! £25.95

3 - Cable and Cotton Lights
Everyone loves fairy lights right? What I love about these is you can vary the colours and mix of the balls however you like. Handily, they sell gift vouchers in the exact amounts you need including the postage, so as a gift, you are buying the whole thing - no hidden extras like I have found with other vouchers. Vouchers start at £25.90 for 20 lights, up to £45.90 for a 50 light string

images from Karen Hallion, and Super+Super

4 Totowho iPhone Case
Karen Hallion is amazing, There, I said it, She does these amazing illustrations mashing-up pop culture. Definitely one to order sooner rather than later (it is a US based shop), no matter your geekiness there is bound to be something you get a kick out of, be it Star Wars, Buffy, Disney Princess', Dr Who, and everything in the middle. She puts her designs on everything from mugs, shower curtains and rugs, to bags and even fabric, so you can make yourself something. I like the phone case thou. $35

5 - Turquoise Sydney Purse
Fossil is my go to place for handbags and purses - I'm really tough on my bags and in my experience they are one of the brands that can stand up to me. This purse is such a lovely colour outside, I love the pink lining (not visible in the photo) and the size is just right for me too. I've been on the lookout for a new purse for a while and this is a contender, if no one gets it for me for Christmas that is. £49 

6 - Super+Super Printmaking book
Because books are awesome, there should always be a book. My love for Super+Super is not unknown and I knew I would need this book as soon as Amy and Claire announced it was coming out. I like printing, I also like to get something that is a "to do" rather than just "have" for christmas, so this ticks those boxes too. Whatever the recipients particular fancy - printing, sewing, knitting or cooking, a book on whatever is always a nice gift to get. This one is RRP £12.99

all these are really, honestly what I want for Christmas.

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