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Blogging is a great way for people (like me) who love to write and ramble, to share what they do and what they can create with everyone. It is a lovely thing, and its great that with the internet and social media that we can all get in on the act, but there is still something even lovelier about a beautiful magazine, aka reading something that isn't back-lit!

I've recently got to know the gloriously lovely Chloe Ray who edits, or perhaps curates is the better word, Idle Magazine. Originally started as a degree project, shes now taking it to print. Not only is she lovely but she has also put a piece of my writing in the new issue, which makes her my most favourite person right now. Top of my list and she didn't even have to buy me wine. I have, however, picked her brain a wee bit for your reading pleasure.

So, Tell me about Idle? 

Idle is really hard to describe – whether that’s a good or bad thing I don’t know – but it explores ideas such as home, childhood, travelling and so on. I get in contact with illustrators and photographers that I find inspiring and believe their work would suit well and ask them if they wish to submit something into the current issue. I’d say it’s for readers who are curious about other people and their adventures. I like to think it’s a chance to be nosey. 

Issue One was put out online, this time you’ve gone for print. What made you choose to go into a traditional printed format when others are heading online?  

Originally the first issue was supposed to be in print but, because I was a student, I didn’t have the funds to print copies. Plus at the time Idle wasn’t and perhaps still isn’t well known. So I thought it was easier to address a bigger audience if it were free to view on the Internet. Now that more people know of the magazine, I can attempt to do what I really want to do. I adore printed magazines, there’s something about physically buying it and walking around with it in your bag that makes it so much more personal and precious. Without sounding like Gollum, I get quite protective over them. 

How do you find the fabulous illustrators,photographers and writers (like me) you’ve been working with? 

I spend a lot of time on Flickr, where I’ve created a group for Idle, and look through photographer’s work and then their favourites too. But I stumble across a lot of work that I like on Tumblr or Instagram. Social media is a wonderful thing.

Give us a teaser, What is your favourite piece in the upcoming issue?

My favourite piece? Oh I don’t know, it’s so hard! Your piece was really touching, but I think in every submission there is a part of it that is my favourite.

You diplomat! About you, what is your ideal Idle day? No deadlines, nothing pressing – you could do anything. So what would you do?

 Do you mean idle with the dictionary’s definition or Idle? Well, I wouldn’t want to be idle and waste away my day doing nothing however if I had no commitments I’d love to go to Iceland and hike for the day. But realistically you’d find me in a cafĂ© endlessly drinking coffees with my closest friends

I’m about all things handmade, retro and mouthwateringly tasty. So finally, tell us about your favourite handmade and/or vintage item you own, and your favourite food. 

 My favourite item isn’t old enough to be classed as vintage or retro, but it does looks like it. It’s quite sad because I’m too old to have it now, but it’s my bear that my Great Grandmother gave to me on my first Christmas. Its fur is missing, the stuffing has been squished into weird lumps – so much so that it looks like it has a club foot – and its eyes are scratched by the many trips from the washing machine. When I moved to the Netherlands last year it came with me and if I stay at a friend’s house… maybe it will come with me.

Currently, with the cold weather and the want of comfort food, my favourite thing is my Grandmas homemade Yorkshire Puddings. Oh my word! Crunchy heavenly goodness, I could eat so many.

Idle issue one is currently available to view online.

Issue two can be pre-ordered here, with a sneak peak available here

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  1. You are such wonderful people and I am so glad to have you both in my life. Much love;best wishes <3