Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-up 2014

Oh my what a week! Busy little bee and on top of that, I took part in Bugs and Fishes Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-up 2014. Check out the amazing line up of projects this year!!

I've said it to her before but many thanks again to the lovely Laura for organising this, and to everyone else for making it so amazing (and so much bigger) this year. 

All the projects are so lovely this year. I'm so chuffed to be within the ranks of some truly talented folks. After having had the time to sit and read/digest all this years projects there are definitely a few that will make it into my "to make" jar. Maybe not this year, there is the time issue for me, what with working in retail, but some of these are things I can see adorning my house in the future, and for years. Maybe when we have more room post move (ssssshhh!! I told you nothing). 

What do you guys fancy making? The definite one for me is the photo cards. I don't have any retro photos, so I will almost certainly be mocking some up over Christmas for next years cards!! Let me know in the comments what, if anything, you'll be making. 

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