Burning the clocks - in which there is video!

Ho ho ho! Marry Christmas. I hope it was a good one, and unlike me you didn't spend it coughing up a lung and constantly sneezing. 

Aside from it being Christmas, last Sunday was winter solstice and the annual Burning the Clocks celebration in Brighton. As normal we went along to watch the parade and the fireworks. This time however we took our refugee, Mr O's cousin from Canada, who happens to be a vlogger. So theres a vlog, featuring him photobombing, and there may be a bit of me hiding.. maybe.. if you can see me in the dark. 

One of the many camera's came with me and I got some nice photos too. Only a few spectacular lanterns this year, the clocktower that was the centerpiece of the bonfire and a dragon.

I really enjoyed it as always. It's a lovely thing to do at Christmas thats a bit different and not involving Santa or a CocaCola truck (that one I really don't get). Despite the fact I felt like I was dying ill, it was worth going to.

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