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Books last Month..

Still with the library love, and this was this month's haul. The Prawn Cocktail Years was a cookbook I read about years ago, full of old retro recipes - the kind that are now thought lame or crap. However, I will be using the prawn cocktail recipe at the very least over Christmas. Frenzy was an interesting read. All about what the author considers the first three great tabloid murders - George Haigh, Neville Heath and John Christie. Its not the greatest in depth book into them, but it was an interesting overview of the crimes, the times in which they happened, and how they fit and and were seen by the people. Growing up in England after the murders of West, Brady, and Nilsen, it was interesting to look at he cultural context surrounding things that thou horrific, are now less so when compared to others. 

On to nicer books, the others I was working on this month were all, at least at heart, short story collections. I really enjoyed Blackbird House, which is essentially the stories of everyone who lived in the house from the time it was built. London Folk Tales wasn't the best, but it was still interesting to read some of the legends of the city. Dangerous Women I didn't read in full. I will be honest I was only interested in the stories by George R.R Martin and Jim Butcher. The stories, were of course excellent, but as interesting as George's was, it was a struggle for me to connect the people and how they fit in - in the end I crumbled and got out my copies of the books to check the Targaryen family tree. It was, all that taken into consideration, still awesome! 

Blog Post Love.. 

photo copywrite Clare Mansell/ Maybush Studio

We all hate the light this time on year, its making photo taking... interesting. I totally love this post from Clare on creative things to do with your photography over the winter season. Some nice ideas I will HAVE to try over the next few months, that's for sure! 

Whats been on your reading radar lately? 

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