2015... I'm coming for you.

So I'm not getting all excited about new year, new me and all that. Last years attempt at it kinda bombed and I put so much pressure on the idea that there may have been a huge depressive funk that lasted longer than it need to.

So, I'm going with the Tao of Peanuts.

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I'm still me, the only new thing is the date. That said, I am now past a horrendously busy time at work, the other side of a horrendous flu, and things are looking up, in a way that we are unlikely to cock up. Just before Christmas we had it confirmed that this year, if the stars align and we find the right place (and certain solicitors pull their fingers out!!) we will be moving into a new place. Our place that we will own.

It will most likely still be a postage stamp, but it will be somewhere where I can put down carpet and change tiles and actually make ours. Essentials include a place for a big proper desk for me so I don't have to spend so much time putting my crafting materials away because Mr O is on the way home - It is essential for me to be coming home to a tidy house except for the craft bomb on my desk and it not to be in the way. This, this would be a win

So new years resolutions from this stamp include saving money for the fancy tiles and carpets I want, and decluttering. Nothing is going to move to the new place unless it has a proper living place. Thats right people I'm getting rid of the junk drawer(s).

My making jar is back in action, only this time it also has decluttering tasks in it. I'm going to be stash busting and using up as much as I can so I have less to move. My goal for 2015 is to have a happy tidy home filled with beautiful things all properly stored and no clutter or junk.

I'm just a realist, and I won't be this one.

What are your goals for 2015??

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