Adventures into real estate

As I said, Mr O and I are moving. As well as decluttering (and finding stuff we forgot we had squirreled away) we are flat-hunting. First time buying, well its fun this end of the pond, I'll give it that.

Viewings so far have been interesting. We've been to see a fair few, and well... they can be summed up quite easily

The one that was held together with luck (and crochet)
The one that was nearly finished refurbishment (but already had damp patches and furry walls)
The one where the agent was 40 minutes late - and all that time the tenant stared daggers out the window at us.
The several that sold the day before we went to look at it.
The one that the tenant refused to let us in - this is not the same as the one above.
The one that looked lovely, but when we went back had water running down the walls

If you didn't laugh, you'd cry.

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