Begin Again

Maybe I'm late to the part on this one, I often feel I am with movies these days. Too long working where it was my job to know what was out and all about it as soon as it appears on the shelves. Either way, late or not, I might be a little in love with this movie. So much so I'm not only watching it again for the second time in as many days, but I'm telling all you lovely people.

It has some funny lines, those great tunes that stick in your head and on a basic level is just a really sweet story about two people who find something that makes them feel better. For want of a better term (thats not completely twee) they make something that makes them feel better when they feel pretty damn crappy. The "something" is an album, recorded entirely in the great outdoors of New York City. Underneath the simple story is a look at the devils of the music industry (labels taking the soul out of the art and so on) which stops it being too much of a one-dimensional chick flick/rom com type event. 

The action starts with Greta (Knightly) at an open mic night, reluctantly performing. It then cuts to that morning, and shows how to happened that washed-up record label tycoon Dan (Ruffalo) ended up in the bar listening. He does listen, unlike the other patrons, and hears the magic - the unplayed instruments that litter the stage join in as he hears the track with an gorgeous production arrangement. Don't worry thou, the film isn't at all like that - its the only time you see any sort of hallucination. Dan hears something great that he has been looking for in Greta's song and it goes from there. The story is peppered with flashbacks of how English Greta ended up in a New York bar, and some great tracks. 

The performance pieces while the record Greta's album are some of my favourite bits - there is a roof top scene that is a particular favourite. There is also a party game that is already destined to be a permanent feature at our future parties - you'll know it when you see it! 

Definately one to watch when you want to curl up on the sofa and escape. Which I'm off to do right now in an attempt to avoid the snow. Happy viewing!

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