Hibernating, and sorting out the stockpile

The weather has been HORRENDOUS this week. If I didn't have to leave the house I wouldn't, ditto the duvet. However, being stuck in has unleashed the OCD planner in me.

When you live somewhere tiny, you find ingenuous storage solutions. This is good, but the problems happen when you find places to store stuff and end up with a lot of stuff you don't need or have even forgotten you have. You store stuff with the idea you'll use it, forget you've got it, so don't. What with us moving this year, the girl scout in me has started to prepare. This has come in the forms of stocking up on wrapping etc in the sales (always sensible, more so for Christmas 2015 when it'll be nicer to have spent on paint than paper), emptying out the attic and purging the bookshelves.

Secondhand books are always a bother to know what to do with. Charity shops are of course the given most of the time, but sometimes you kinda want a little something back for your investment. Novels I mostly pick up cheap or get from the library these days so its more crafting, cooking and more esoteric books I have. Luckily Amazon take trade-ins of books even if they weren't brought from the site, and in exchange give a gift card. At the minute trade in £15 of books (or games) and they'll give you an extra £5. Thats some nice pennies towards new books or pretty things for the house. I'll be honest thou, I've always wanted one of these and owning my first house seems like a good excuse to splash out, so it'll probably go on that.

Again in the spirit of a very thrifty Christmas 2015 I've purged, or rather filled, my collection of empty glass jars. One or two for me and the rest for everyone else as a nice little something. I'm sure more will make it in to this "hamper" or whatever it becomes, but this way its a much calmer Autumn next year knowing I've been working at it all year - and its hopefully nearly done!

Everything is being sorted through and the hard questions are being asked - do we want to bother move with this? Its a simple thing that loads of people have brought up before - the idea of decluttering - and right now its working for me. The only problem I'm having is that its too long until car boot season! Oh well, charity shop it is then.

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