Random me

This week I was tagged to share  random facts about me on facebook. Not hard as such, but hard to think of ones that I'm Ok with my Mother-in-law and my boss seeing. Damn you facebook.

Anyway, while I was thinking of them, I realised some of them were actually pretty cool, so here goes... my 5 favourite random facts about me.
  1. I saw my first dead body when I was 5. It was my Grandad (open casket funeral), and I remember being much less traumatized by the whole thing than my mother was.
  2. I once convinced the bassist of a band to do a ridiculously stupid dance on stage in front of an awful lot of people. It was AWESOME
  3. I've performed in the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show,  in a particle physics accelerator lab.
  4. I was very nearly arrested while LARPing as a teenager... at the time I was.. urm.. in a very odd position. The memory of the poor officer's face still makes me laugh.
  5. When I was 8 my grandpa lost a bet with a friend trying to teach me to dive. 8 weeks of daily diving lessons, but still I was having none of it. A year later I just decided to do it one day. No one tells me what to do!
... whats the weirdest most random fact about you? 

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