365 = 353 - 365

BUMPER POST!! I've been useless, but there are reasons (I'm going to get to that). 

Saturday marked the last day of my 365 project, and weirdly it was a really fitting end to the year. I started this project to distract me from a bloody terrible January last year, and it worked, gave me a good focus and well, we will get to why perfect timing etc.. 

Snow. I straight out refuse to get closer

This is offically the world's latest Christmas delivery.
The photo was taken to send with the message
"seems we have already sorted a birthday gift niece" 

All the bright produce!! 

More frost. Cold is bad.

Moody Seafront in Hove

A pressie to myself on a horrible anniversary

Chillin on the seafront before work

Chillin on the seafront before work - mark 2

Chillin on the seafront before work - mark 3.. I made a friend

The creme de la creme of Brighton Property

This day was a nice day spent with my Sister-in-law and nieces. None of them
are in this shot, but still I like it - its a still life representing a fun day

This is an actual cake. Chocolate meatballs and buttercream spagetti!!! 

And finally... 

Mr O on Worthing sea front, Saturday Morning. Which was less than 12 hours after we found out we had our offer accepted on a flat about 2 minutes walk from here. Which gets me to the uselessness and the reasons for the uselessness. 

So this thing started to distract me from horrible things, and ends just as I need distracting from total and utter panic. Bloody typical!! 

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