Fabric Covered Corkboard

The last two or three days here have been a slump. As in I have slumped, mainly due to the fact I have finally stopped. The first 4 weeks of the year seemed to be caught up with meetings and viewings every day off I had, and the last week even more so. No time for snuggling with books, or getting things done. 

But now its all in the hands of the legal bods. All I'll say is so much garden. But now comes the declutter and the suggestion that I maybe de-stash a little. So I'm complying, and making for the new place. 

All you need is spray glue, appropriate sized fabric & corkboards. These were from Tiger ages ago, but you can get very similar from ikea for only £2.50. 

Iron your fabric as flat and crease free as you can, and then place it face down on some newspaper. Spray the back of the fabric with the glue and then place the cork on top. Pull the fabric around the edges, a bit at a time so you get smooth edges. If you use a glue you can re-position this will be easier as you can keep going until you get it looking right. Trim the fabric as required and stick down at the back. If you want a neat finish, cut a circle of card slightly smaller than the cork and stick onto the back covering the edges. 

Connect a couple of flat headed thumb-tacks with a bit of string and push these into the back of the cork to hang it, or you could use command strips if you don't want to put nails into the wall. 

Not bad for a few pounds and a few minutes, and I know exactly where I'm going to put them in the new house. 

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