New house, new things.

In the last fortnight I think I have signed my name more times than in the last year. So many many forms. Now we are in a holding pattern, waiting for other people to do their bits. So, now, I window shop.

Currently, aside from new kitchen (a must, sadly no revamp will save it) a few other things are needed, My inner child most definitely needs the cockatoo wallpaper. A Quentin Blake design, it is more money than is really rational at £42 a roll, but I needs it. Same can be said of the gorgeous chair. My brother has the sofa version and it is so comfy it makes me try an rationalize the £349 cost.

I've craved a phone like this Mustard Retro Phone for ages, and in the new place I wont only have room for a sideboard/console table, but I will need a classy new phone to suit my decor. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it. First purchase that'll be made, thats for sure.

Well, maybe second, as I really want the Ceiling Fan and that might need to go in first. Not only does it look good but they can be really useful to push the hot air from the heating down from the ceiling, so it warms up the room rather than just rises to the top. I'm even practical in my wish lists.

As for the Magnum of Champagne, well I've always wanted an excuse to have one. Or rather I've thought my 21st, Wedding or 30th would have been a reason for someone to buy me one, but they didn't, so I'm getting MYSELF one when we move in and find ourselves in HUGE debt. I figure we'll need a drink then!

Whats on your "wish list" for your place??

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