By Hand London - Kickstarter goodies!

If you follow my Instagram you'll likely already have seen the gorgeous new fabric I got last month as a reward for backing By Hand London's kickstarter last year. It arrived last month with all the other gorgeous goodies they promised.

Now, rewards do take a long time, but the biggest delay on this for me was trying to pick what to get printed on my two meters of  fabric. In the end I split it, and got some of my little bat design, and some of the fun bright perfume bottle designed by my mate (amazing illustrator and funny as f youtuber) allweknowisphil. Along with my fabric I got some more dressmaking pins, another tote and a happy sewing mug. All very useful things and I'm loving the little cat nose thing going on.

With regards to the fabric, lets start with the cost. There is an ecomony of scale thing going on - a Fat Quarter is £8, Half meter £9.50 and Full Meter is £19. All designs are printed on white Cotton Poplin, which feels nice, irons really well and its lovely to sew with.

As for the designs - both the ones I chose were hand drawn and coloured. In the case of the perfume bottles I used a photo of the art, the bats were scanned in. Minimal work in adobe and I popped them into the By Hand London site. The site lets you size and repeat the pattern as you wish - showing you how it will look on a preview all the way through. 

The print itself is really crisp, the blacks are thick bold black, yet the nature of the watercolour inking on the bottle really stands out in its vibrant colours. They wash really nicely with no colour warping or bleeding. I'm really happy with both designs, and can see myself ordering more. Once I think of another design that is.

What would you get printed?? 

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